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to more meaningful tattoos

Are you investing in tattoos that effectively convey who you are?

Perhaps you sense a missing element or believe there’s more depth to uncover. Your right. Maybe you’re happy viewing them merely as art, even though they are not. What if they’re too significant, so laden with ideas that they’ve become a caricature of your identity? A parody of the meaning. 

Let go of what you have told yourself about your tattoos and bridge the gap between where you are now and the potential of where you could be.

I offer technically sound tattooing , considerate of the spiritual complexities that arise when working with tattoos.  It requires work before and after the ink goes in, conscious attention to detail and a commitment to walk a path of being integral to yourself and those around you.

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Hi. I'm Mark. Your guide to the intentional tattoo world.

I’m a professional tattooist who has worked all over the world and worked with people from all walks of life. I’ve been able to use this expereince to learn the essential steps required to imbue tattoos with significance.

I’m using those same steps to help people move through pre conceived ideas, identities that get in the way and fog up the reflection of who they are. Providing a more meaningful tattoo experience. 

Since 2018 I’ve been sharing and educating people who are tattooed or want to be tattooed about how to curate a process that delivers growth and refinement, not dead ends and regret.

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Tattoos with Intention

Now It’s My Turn To Share.

As a practitioner of this craft, I feel a responsibility to re-install the value of tattooing within our globalised culture. That’s why I’m so focused on talking about the core principles and philosophies that highlight the current pitfalls of our tattoo subculture and also the positive aspects that will potentially shape our future.

In the Tattoos with Intention Podcast, I share my expertise and insights through conversations with other artists and specialists exploring how to make your next tattoo more significant.

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