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Tattoo Pathway is designed to help you understand the deeper meaning behind getting tattoos. It reshapes your beliefs and perceptions that may have been inhibiting your experience, enabling you to feel more in control and connected to the process of tattooing.

I didn’t invent this concept;  it became apparent to me by paying close attention to my own tattoo process and those of my clients. Over a span of 15 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with thousands of individuals who were led by their spirit to recognise the significant personal growth they’ve undergone and the part their tattoos have played.

be intentional

pay attention

walk the path

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Boost personal growth and spiritual enrichment through your tattoos, promoting healthy self-awareness and responsibility.

Ideal for those seeking:

  • Symbolic tattoo experiences
  • Unified rites of passage
  • Recognition and support
  • Liberation from religious/cultural ties

Experience dignity in your beauty.

Are you ready to walk the path?

Frequently Asked

Absolutely! One of the key goals of the Tattoo Pathway Fundamentals course is to help you develop a much deeper understanding of your motivations, desires, and personal symbolism. By exploring these elements, you’ll gain the clarity to make tattoo choices that truly reflect who you are and where you’re headed. We want to minimise regret and help you feel confident that every future tattoo is aligned and meaningful.

Definitely! Even if you received tattoos before diving into the Tattoo Pathway, the course will open up new perspectives. You’ll learn to analyse the stories you’ve already written on your skin, revealing hidden meanings and patterns – perhaps even some things you weren’t consciously aware of. This process brings not only greater understanding but also appreciation for your past choices, helping you see how they’ve contributed to your journey so far.

No, but you’re probably interested because you’re considering one in the future, and in that case it is highly beneficial. It is also of benefit for someone in the role of close connection with others who are getting tattooed such as a partner or child and may be making unconscious decisions.

This course focuses on your personal tattoo journey, but it will undoubtedly reframe the way you think about tattooing and establish new principles that will shape how you approach tattooing in general. This will also affect how you interact with your clients and approach your work. The Tattoo Pathway coursework is required before undertaking any further artist training with Mark.