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The Tattoos with Intention podcast is a weekly conversation with paradigm-changing themes and topics. Those whose lives have been transformed through the power of tattooing share insights and offer valuable tools for growth. We uncover how they grew from the traditional views of tattooing that we all face.

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When you move beyond the everyday prescription of tattooing its value is priceless

Together we talk about things like identity formation through tattoos, developing healthy relationships within tattooing processes, spiritual intricacies in a world that has no boundaries, moral and ethical implications of the tattoo industry, and a whole lot more. 

Listen in as they humbly share some of their story with me. 

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Behind the Mic

Hey, I’m Mark.

In an era where “hustling” seems to be the leading message for tattooists and “Art” seems to be the point of call for collectors, I set out to shift the conversation.

On Tattoos with Intention, I dig into the core of tattooing, what’s happening beyond the design, beyond how it looks. Interviewing other artists, friends and specialists, you’re invited to expand your mindset around tattooing. 

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