Let's work together

Can i just get a tattoo?

If you are ready to get tattooed and would like to make an apppointment, I am prioritising new clients that are committed to going through the Tattoo Pathway course work.

It means focusing on the deeper reasons for marking your skin and how that impacts on your life. It’s a choice to invest more than an area of skin, some time and some money. 

This is to ensure that I am working with people who are as invested as I am in their tattoo process.

Please click below and fill in the contact form and I will get back to you shortly. 

All appointments require a $250 deposit, which comes off the cost of your tattoo .

Confirmed appointments also include a consultation.

Let's Talk Tattoos!

I offer individual consultations where we investigate your current tattoos and their lived implications.

The work focuses on developing your comprehension of what your tattoos are through a clearer comprehension of self, soul, spirit,  story, and the sacred.

In the sessions, you will discover how your tattoos have played a part in defining who you are and your spiritual cultivation, or prohibition. Everything takes place in a confidential and supportive environment.

A consultation is priced at $250. This is done via Zoom or phone. This is a good option for:

  • guidance and general questions about tattoos.
  • resolving cover-ups or removals.
  • conversation prior to making an appointment.
  • developing your concept or intention in discussion with me.
  • first time tattoo strategy

Artist Training

If you are a tattooist  interested in learning from me:


Meet online via Zoom. schedule a round of bookings for focused learning in unpacking what’s contained in your tattoo process, fostering deeper understanding, accessing the sacred in your work, and instigating more truthful change. In due course, this may also include in-person sessions, see below. 


This is generally for artist training. However, it can be for deeper reflective consultation. Full day sessions.

Follows on from prior consultation. Located in regional NSW, Australia. People typically book between two to five days. Mark may also travel to your location (travel expenses extra). 

If you have any questions, want me to guest speak at your conference, would like a guest training within your program, or want to talk further about how we can work together, I would love to hear from you!