mark nara

About Mark Nara

Guide, Artist, and Speaker

Who I Am.

Hello, I’m Mark Nara 👋 . I specialise in intentional tattoos within the context of spiritual-reality. With a passion for my craft and an unwavering commitment to truth, I’ve dedicated 15 years to exploring tattooing at its deepest levels.

What you get.

When you choose to work with me, be it for receiving a tattoo or undergoing training, you’re investing in my years of  experience in the art and philosophy of tattooing. You’re not just getting a service; you’re gaining from all the work I’ve put into understanding the process at its core and dispelling any illusions or untruths associated with it.

What I Do.

At present, my work revolves around individuals who are seeking a more meaningful tattoo experience. This journey is designed to bring your character into harmonious alignment, both aesthetically and energetically. I also offer training to artists looking to enhance their relationship with tattooing and their clients. The aim is to foster a more stable and integral practice for the artist.

How I Arrived here.

My journey started with a challenging old-school apprenticeship, complete with bikers, which was an intense experience. I simultaneously earned a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Art and Graphic Design from the Australian Catholic University, which was slightly less arduous but which honed my artistic skills. I cut my teeth in bustling street shops before refining my craft in private custom studios where each piece of art became a personal project. The most transformative part of my journey was revealing my spiritual connection to the creator under the guidance and apprenticeship of a Navajo holy man – an experience that pushed me beyond my limits. Since then, I have almost completely removed myself from the tattoo industry and now work privately, curating unique and intimate tattoo processes for my clients.

What I'm Contributing.

As the founder of the Tattoo Pathway, I have created an educational platform that guides people seeking meaningful tattoos to learn the essential steps required to imbue their tattoos with significance, as an act of growth and refinement.

I also host the Tattoos with Intention podcast, where I continue to share insights, engage in inspiring conversations and encourage others to find their own path in the world of tattoos.